A Study in Shoes

Sheer Art Attack

A couple of years ago, I wrote an entry about the fifteen books that I’d use to create a self portrait of myself.

While wandering around Edinburgh in my favourite pair of boots, I realised how photographing my shoes could provide an interesting portrait, a more accurate one than any other article of clothing. And given my interests in art, how we present ourselves, and some slight vanity (I blog, don’t I?), this is an interesting little project for myself.

Firstly, my favourite boots. I bought these at the start of term, and have worn them nearly every day since. This is actually my second pair–the heel of the first pair sadly separated, but the store I bought them from replaced the shoes free of charge!

The boots

The boots!

Secondly, my dancing shoes. I have two pairs–the brogues I picked up in Florence, when I studied there for a semester back in 2010. I wear these when the floor isn’t as slick as I’d like. They are a little dangerous if I’m dancing on nicely waxed floors, though.

The brogues!

The brogues!

The other dancing shoes I acquired in Scotland. They aren’t proper dancing shoes, but they do the job (and they look awesome). They aren’t as slippery as my brogues, so these work much better.

The dancing shoes

The dancing shoes

Finally, my slippers. The shoes I wear around my flat. The fluffy, warm, wonderful slippers. The shoes I wear when drinking tea. The infamous pair of shoes, the ones I slip into when I don’t want to leave the flat.

The slippers

The slippers

A New Tool (TOY)

General Geekiness

I got a new tool to test-drive. Alas, it isn’t mine to keep, only to play with for the week. A brand-spankin’-new Wacom Tablet!

In honor of this nifty new device, I created a new picture thingy for the blog. It’s going to live on the “About” page until I come up with something better. But here it is for all to see!

A cartoon self-portrait of me.

I’ll try to create some less-self-indulgent images, but I figured that it was time for a new picture. 🙂