And so, the quest for graduate school begins…

General Geekiness

I never thought I’d have to think about graduate school now. At least not for a couple of months. Actually, I figured that I could start this summer after returning from Italy.

I had a meeting about various fellowships and scholarships this evening.

“Is anyone interested in the big scholarships?” asked the professor in charge of the evening.

I raised my hand. I then discovered that I probably should have given this more thought–such as starting freshman year. Prepare for many meetings with various professors and scurrying about writing personal statements.

Ah, the challenges. This is something that I’ve wanted since visiting Oxford University nearly eight years ago—to do my graduate work in the UK. It’ll be long and stressful–the prof warned us we’d probably burst into tears at random moments–but ultimately it’ll be worth it. Even if I don’t get the scholarship, the process will teach me a lot about myself.

Mostly, I haven’t given much consideration to what I want to study. I know that I’m not going to study creative writing or another English-major type  subject. I’m considering science writing/media/communication or public health.

And I need to figure out if I’m a memorable person or not…”Hi! I’m Beth, and I’m writing a WWII novel about RAF pilots!”