Ned Barnett makes comics about heroes, health and history. He’s usually found in Cambridge, MA. Ned delights in making history accessible through comics, especially the First World War. His work includes the full-length, self-published graphic novel, Dreamers of the Day, which follows his 2019 research trip to Oxford University to consult TE Lawrence (of Arabia)’s archives. Dreamers of the Day was awarded one of Multiversity Comics Best Graphic Novels of 2019. Ned’s comics have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, including Consequence: A Literary Magazine Addressing the Culture of War, the Ringo-nominated Dead Beats (A Wave Blue World 2019) and the PRISM-nominated Being True (Boston Comics Roundtable 2018). His favorite dinosaur is the compsognathus.

He can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @TheNedBarnett.

Ned is represented by Peter K. Ryan of Stimola Literary Studio.

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