Some delightfully weird picture I found a few months ago.

Greetings from the dark! Otherwise known as my apartment, where the overhead lights have burnt out, and I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver the shiny-new LED ones. So, for now I’m working by candlelight (and two small desk lamps).

Today is October 1, celebrated day of 24 Hour Comics and the first day of Inktober. Where I no longer have the stamina to stay up 24 hours, I’ve decided to part take in Inktober, a month-long challenge to draw an ink picture every day.

I’ll be posting these to my Instagram, and if I can figure it out, here as well. It will likely comprise of silly fan art, some work on original characters, and maybe even a sneak preview of my upcoming web comic with the ever-talented Annie Rutherford.

Let’s get this Inktober started!

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